Monday, July 12, 2010

How To Consume Meiji Amino Collagen Powder?

Many customers (for the fisrt timer) been asking me how to consume Meiji Amino Collagen when they first bought the collagen from me. I think i need to share some useful information about Meiji Amino Collagen here. Hope it helps you to understand better about this product. :)

Actually, i did shared some basic information about Meiji Amino Collagen in my blog last time about why people choose Amino Collagen. Today i would talk and share about the consumption and some Q & A for Meiji Amino Collagen.

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Amino Collagen Q & A:

Q. Are collagen supplements necessary for someone in their 20s like me?
A. Did you know that collagen starts to decrease drastically after age 20? Factors such as ultraviolet light and stress accelerate the loss of collagen. As for beauty care, the early bird catches the worm. An early start is recommended.

Q. Are there any supplements I shouldn't take with Amino Collagen?
A. No, But if in doubt, please seek medical advice.

Q. What is the daily requirement of Meiji Amino Collagen?
A. 5000mg.

Q. Will I gain weight?
A. 1 spoon (about 7 g) of Amino Collagen contains 27 kcal and only 0.08 g of fat only. You can take it even when you are on a diet.

Q. Can I heat it?
A. You can heat or cool it without affecting the components.

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How do i consume Meiji Amino Collagen?

Step 1:
Take one scoop (about 7g) of Meiji Amino Collagen powder mix in 150ml of water. You may mix the powder in any water, soup, juice, tea, coffee or etc. The content of the animo collagen is not affected whether used in hot or cold beverages.

Step 2:
Once you have added the scoop of powder to the beverage of your choice. Stir it and then 'bottoms up' ~ drink the whole thing. It is basically a tasteless drink unless you purchase the lemon flavor. It is not unpleasant and 150ml is not a lot to drink. Just think of the longterm benefits.

It is advisable to drink this amino collagen drink at night before going to bed and it should only be consumed once a day. The dose of collagen is about 5000mg. Those who have used the product for long periods have claimed that their skin looks plumper, younger and more beautiful.

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Prof. Takahashi's Lecture!

Prof. Shushichi Takahashi Doctor of Pharmacology Guest professor at the California Institute for Human Science Graduate School and Research Center.He has been studying the functions of collagen since he was a professor at the College of Pharmacy at Nihon University.

It's handy to consume collagen through supplements rather than in the diet:
It would be best if you could consume sufficient collagen from your diet, but meat and fish contain only a small amount. Also, milk, eggs, vegetables and soybeans contain no collagen. Supplements are ideal for consuming 5000 mg a day!

Choose an effective product that is higher in absorption level:
There are many kinds of collagen products, so choose one that is absorbed well by your body. I think this is an effective shortcut for achieving beauty.

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