Monday, September 14, 2009

紅酒多酚面膜 Red Wine Polyphenols Mask

Suitable for all skin types especially dull, lack of firmness skin.Improves blood circulation, brightens and firm up skin.Reduces the effects of oxidation on skin.
Big S in the beautiful diary strongly recommended mask - a short period of time so that the nutritional integrity of skin absorption, and to maintain the tender and shiny long time, every day you can have beautiful, confident, a good complexion

Ingredients / 成份:
Purified water、 Propylene Glycol、 1,3-Butylene Glycol、 Glycerine、 Aloe 、Arnica、Vitis Vinifera、Green Tea、Grapefruit、Hyaluronic Acid、Mucopolysaccharides、Yeast Complex、Albumin、Chamomile、Licorice、Nanospheres、Squalane、Watercress、Vitamin E Acetate、Bio-Active Silicones、Carbomer、Triethanolamine、Sodium Hydroxide、 Xanthan Gum、Citric Acid 、Butyl Paraben、 Ethyl Paraben、Propyl Paraben、Methyl Paraben、Dimethicone、Tween 20、Lactamide、Fragrance


2 pcs - RM13
10pcs - RM38


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