Monday, September 14, 2009

蘋果多酚面膜 Apple Polyphenol Mask

Suitable for all skin types especially with enlarged pores.Tighten pores and regulates sebum secretion
Nm mild hibiscus flowers acid, long-lasting compact pore - hibiscus flowers acid extraction of the essence its role is not to stimulate the same mild acid to remove old horny, can be improved and Prevention pore large to balance the role of oil reached compact pore, a radical improvement in skin to skin and meticulous. Moisturizing You slippery, elastic compaction - and the long-term synergies Nano Ball moisturizing factor - hyaluronic acid composition and the role of collagen protein synthesis can be accelerated, increasing compaction flexibility.

Ingredients / 成份:
Purified Water、 Propylene Glycol、 1,3-Butylene Glycol、 Water cress Extract、 Glycerine、Apple Extract,、Algae Extract、 Nanospheres、Aloe Extract、Albumin、Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract、 Bladder wrack、 Gentian Extract、Hyaluronic Acid 、Arnica Extract、 Bio-Active Silanols、Lemon Extract、Carbomer、 Triethanolamine、Sodium Hydroxide、 Xanthan Gum、 Citric Acid、 Butyl Paraben、 Methyl Paraben、 Ethyl Paraben、 Propyl Paraben、 Tween 20、 Lactamide、 Fragrance


2 pcs - RM13
10pcs - RM38


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