Monday, September 14, 2009

優酪乳面膜 Yogurt Mask

Suitable for all skin types especially oily skin and with enlarged pores.Replenish moisture in the skin and helps in oil controlExtraction of the essence since yogurt, and can maintain skin deep moisture contain walnut cream plant, with ease, deep moisturizing effect.MoisturizingBiochemical Technology efficient extraction from the moisturizing factor

Ingrediets / 成份:Purified water、Collagen 、Glycerine、Propylene Glycol、1,3-Butylene Glycol、Aloe、Green tea、Witch Hazel、Walnut、Birch、Yogurt extract、Nanospheres、Algae-Yeast complex、Mucopolysaccrides、Hyaluronic acid、Bio-active Silanols、Carbomer、Sodium hydroxide、Xanthan gum 、Citric acid、Triethanolamine、Tween 20、Methyl paraben、Butyl paraben、Ethyl paraben、Propyl paraben、Perfume hyaluronic acid is not only necessary to prevent skin moisture loss, but also nurtured the cuticle epidermal skin, in accordance deep.

一般肌膚、尤油性肌膚 控油修護萃取自優酪乳的精華液,能深層滋潤並維持肌膚的清爽水感、不泛油光;含有單寧成分的金縷梅與樺木、核桃植物精華,具舒緩、深層保濕的效果。保濕滋潤生化科技萃取而來的高效保濕因子玻尿酸,不僅能防止肌膚所需的水分流失,還能滋潤肌膚表皮的角質層,深層潤澤。

2 pcs - RM13
10pcs - RM38


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